Grey Hen Rx

About Grey Hen Rx

At the Grey Hen Rx, we’ll figure out what’s ailing you.


Inspired by New Orleans, the first city to establish and license a professional pharmacist in the United States.


It wasn’t until the mid-1800s that the chemist was well-established as professional pharmacists, with a wide-ranging and competitive set of services. These apothecaries had a high standing within their communities and functioned as a “first-port-of-call” for many different social classes for advice and cure-alls.


Tucked in the corner of Century Grand, the revamped Grey Hen Rx apothecary epitomizes hand-selected fine spirits and elevated cocktail experience in Phoenix and worldwide. With seasoned spirits professionals conducting the operations, guests can sip on the thoughtfully curated selection of the best bourbons and whiskeys and try new cocktails from the New Orleans-inspired cocktail menu.


This innovative menu was developed by award-winning mixologist and resident chemist, Barter & Shake co-founder, Jason Asher. It features a new collection of experimental non-alcoholic “spirits,” alongside low ABV and boozy classics like the Roffignac, Sazerac, and Vieux Carre, as well as sorbets and ice creams.

We also offer a large selection of whiskey and other spirits available for retail purchase. All retail purchases are available for local curbside pick-up only at Century Grand.

**Please Note: This is NOT a restaurant. We do not offer any food service or dining experience in any of our concepts.

We encourage all guests to visit one of the neighboring restaurants before or after their visit with us! **

Grey Hen is a 21+ Establishment

Must Have a Valid ID for entry

Reservations Highly Recommended, Walk-ins Welcome

All COVID-19 restrictions on businesses have been lifted. We are seating to our full capacity without social distancing. If you are uncomfortable with this change, please do not make a reservation and consider booking when you are comfortable.

Late Arrivals

90-minute experiences begin from the selected time of arrival, not from the actual arrival time. Late arrivals do not receive an extension of time. You will receive a confirmation text from the host desk prior to your arrival. You can communicate with the host directly through this text. Please let us know if you are running late.


**Late arrivals are not guaranteed a full 90-minutes.**

Walk-In Policy

Walk-ins are welcome, reservations are recommended.

Environment & Effects

Grey Hen Rx is an immersive environment.

There will be audio and lighting changes, loud noises, low visibility, and occasional haze and smoke. Please be advised if you have claustrophobia, are prone to seizures, or have any other medical condition that may be triggered and or worsened by these heightened conditions. We ask that all guests remain seated to ensure the best experience and safety of patrons and staff.


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Large Party Bookings

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