All Aboard Platform 18

Take a trip back in time. You and your party will depart from Platform 18 in a glamorous, Presidential Pullman-inspired train car, residing inside Century Grand. 


If you haven’t experienced Platform 18 for yourself, you’re in for a one-of-a-kind experience that we bet you’ve never had (especially in a bar!) The train bar’s immersive and elevated cocktail experience comfortably seats 36 guests. However, capacity will be limited to a maximum of 50% capacity and 6 feet social distancing regulations due to COVID-19 regulations and safety requirements

By booking a ticket (i.e., making a reservation), travelers will embark on a 90-minute journey through the Rocky Mountains with your host Hollis Cottley Pennington, a railroad tycoon and bootlegger. Guests will enjoy an opulent adventure to the early 20th century while imbibing on exquisitely crafted cocktails inspired by worldly flavors and ingredients.

Platform 18 is a 21+ Establishment – Reservations Only

Our Menu

The Platform 18 menu exclusively features cocktails, impeccable service, and stunning scenery as a standard. With an extensive list of over 45 cocktails, we guarantee you’ll find a cocktail that you love. 


Please sit back, relax, and sip on a wide selection of our award-winning cocktails. The journey will commence with a complimentary glass of bubbles. Then guests may choose their favorites from the cocktail menu featuring drinks from around the time of Prohibition—historic, vintage, classic cocktails—and modern mixtures, with all of the above, sometimes using science, and sometimes magic.

Reservation Policy

Please note this is not the Century Grand culinary experience. Food is neither available nor allowed within this immersive experience. For dinner reservations, please go to Century Grand’s page.
All seatings are limited to 90 minutes.
Reservations are offered up to 7 days in advance for a maximum of 6 guests.

For large party bookings, please click here.
Parties booked under multiple reservations are not guaranteed seating together.
Last reservable seatings are approximately 8:45 PM every evening. If you are unable to secure a reservation, please refer to our walk-in policy listed below.

No infants or children allowed.

Reservations are not available for the same day once open for service.
All late reservations are given a five minute grace period.
You can make reservation modifications via the confirmation email sent from Tock.

Late Arrivals

All late reservations are given a five minute grace period.
Please TEXT us in advance if you are running late at (602) 739-1388‬.
We will do our best to accommodate late parties upon arrival.
Late arrivals may be placed on the waitlist in person only.

**Late arrivals are not guaranteed a full 90 minute stay.**

Walk-In Policy

Walk-ins are welcome at Platform 18!

Based on availability, you may be seated or placed on the waitlist.

Wait times are given only in person at the door during service.

Wait times are estimates, and 90 minute seatings are not guaranteed.

Environment & Effects

Platform 18 is an immersive experience.

There will be changes in audio and lighting, low visibility, strobe lights, motion graphics and occasional smoke. Please be advised if you have claustrophobia, are prone to seizures, or have any other medical condition that may be triggered and or worsened by these heightened conditions. We ask that all guests remain seated to ensure the best experience and safety of patrons and staff.

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Large Party Bookings

Please submit the information below, and we will contact you within the next 48 hours.